Steve Grindstaff Net Worth, Career, Biography, Facts, Age, Life Story

Steve Grindstaff is an American auto executive who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Steve Grindstaff was born in Elizabethton, Tennessee and played football during high school. This led to a scholarship to East Tennessee State University. He graduated from the school in the early 70s.

While in college, he began working part-time for Bunton Chevrolet. He proved to be very good at the car-selling business, and he eventually dropped out of college, with one semester left, in order to focus on selling cars full-time. He also launched a successful real estate business. He subsequently purchased Bunton Chevrolet and renamed the business, Grindstaff Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge. Mr. Grindstaff has been the subject of multiple complaints about his business dealings, but this has not seemed to slow his success. He made headlines in 2011, when his massive, 20,000 square foot mansion dubbed “Crantzdorf Castle” on the market for $28.8 million. Crantzdorf Castle comes complete with an indoor tennis court, basketball court and full sized go-kart track. It has nine bedrooms and is located on a 13 acres of lakeside property. The castle eventually sold for a paltry $3.36 million.

Net Worth:$10 Million