Wilma Tisch Net Worth, Career, Biography, Facts, Age, Life Story

Wilma Tisch is an American billionaire who has a net worth of $1.4 billion. She is the heir to her family’s fortune, the Tisch family that controls the Loews Corporation. Born Wilma Stein in Long Branch, New Jersey in 1927, she grew up in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Wilma’s grandfather was a German Jewish immigrant, while her father was a journalist who would eventually join the automotive industry. As for her grandmother on her mother’s side, she was an immigrant of Lithuanian Jewish origin. Wilma began her education in public schools before proceeding to Skidmore College where she graduated with B.S in 1948. She also majored in Economics and earned a minor in Accounting. Upon graduation, she landed a post at the Time, Inc as a secretary and soon she got married to Laurence Tisch. Their love resulted in the birth of four children: Andrew Tisch, Daniel Tisch, James Tisch and Thomas Tisch, a partner at FLF Associates. It was her husband’s wealth that made her join the billionaire circles. Today, Wilma and Joan Tisch, her sister- in-law, control the Tisch family fortune that was built by their late spouses, Preston Tisch and Laurence Tisch. Precisely speaking, Wilma currently holds 5% of the Loews Group. A notable philanthropist as she is, Wilma is a trustee and board director at the Blythedale Children’s Hospital in New York. Since 1969, she has also been a member of the Distribution Committee of Federation of Jewish Philanthropies. Wilma is the first woman to hold the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies presidency and for her contributions, she was even awarded the Louis Medal Marshall Medal in 1976. While for her numerous philanthropic endeavors, she received a honorary doctorate from New York University in 2006.

Net Worth:$1.4 Billion
Date of Birth:1927