When Did Lou Ferrigno Die?

Lou Ferrigno is not dead!

There are plenty of articles our there saying that he is but they are all false.

This article will give you all the information you need to know about the bodybuilder, actor, and trainer. You’ll learn how his life was shaped by his physical appearance and how he was able to achieve his success in so many fields. Here are a few interesting facts about the life of the famous bodybuilder. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Louis Jude Ferrigno had a very difficult childhood. As a young boy, he developed an infection that damaged his hearing. Lou was forced to wear a bulky hearing aid because of this and other children taunted him for wearing the bulky hearing aid.


Louis Ferrigno

If you love bodybuilding and were wondering when did Louis Ferrigno die, there’s no better place to start than the world of pop culture. The bodybuilder, who gained fame as the Incredible Hulk, was born in Brooklyn in 1951. During his early life, he suffered from severe hearing loss, which led him to become known as “Lou Ferrigno”. While attending school, he was also bullied at home and in the community, but his hard work paid off as he built an impressive physique.

He was a bodybuilder

Despite being a bodybuilder at the time of his death, Lou Ferrigno was also a dedicated family man, with three grown children and a lifelong love of bodybuilding. Born in Brooklyn, New York, on November 9, 1951, Ferrigno suffered from ear infections and was bullied by classmates and teachers. Despite these challenges, he decided to join weight training at the age of thirteen. His inspiration came from popular culture heroes, such as Superman, and he even built his own weights using pails and broomsticks. He even joined the football team at the University of Southern California and played linebacker. In high school, Ferrigno won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst New Star. His bodybuilding training led to his career and his death.

He was an actor

Louis Jude Ferrigno was born on November 9, 1951, in Brooklyn, New York. He studied at the Brooklyn Technical High School, and in his early life suffered from ear infections that resulted in the loss of seventy to eighty percent of his hearing. Ferrigno started weight training at a young age and was inspired by pop-culture heroes. He used broomsticks to create weights and pails of cement as weights. Ferrigno was a member of the St. Athanasius Grammar School, and the Brooklyn Technical High School. His acting career spanned a decade and he remained in the acting business for many years.

He was a trainer for Michael Jackson

Long-time friend and trainer of Michael Jackson, Lou Ferrigno, spoke of the star just a few weeks before his death. Michael and Lou used exercise balls, core training, and a strict diet in their efforts to stay in shape. Michael was reportedly under a lot of pressure to perform live, which is why he was unable to perform in London. Ferrigno was a regular visitor to Michael’s Bel Air mansion three times a week.

He was a fan of the Hulk

Lou Ferrigno is not a fan of the MCU’s treatment of the Hulk. The Hulk has been a household name for 40 years, thanks to comic books. He says the MCU’s Hulk lacks the edge of the original character. “When Disney got involved, the Hulk lost that edge. I’m not saying that Disney’s Hulk is bad, but I’m saying that it doesn’t compare to the Hulk.”

He competed in the first ever IFBB Masters Mr. Olympia

After winning every IFBB competition in 1977 and 1980, McIntyre started training for the Olympia. He came in first in the 200-pound division, but he lost the overall championship to Frank Zane. Afterward, McIntyre began to develop suspicions of the IFBB. This is where his interest in the Olympia came from. He continued to compete in the Olympia through his 60s.

He was a superhero

Lou Ferrigno played the legendary green monster in the movie The Incredible Hulk. He was just a kid when he was cast in the role and was a bit of a character, but the character was still very much recognizable to fans. While he had a hearing problem as a child, his body was sculpted for the role with weightlifting, and he had a hearing aid on set. His assistants had to signal when the director would yell directions.