Victor Rjesnjansky Net Worth, Career, Biography, Facts, Age, Life Story

Victor Rjesnjansky, one of the stars of the storage auction reality TV series Storage Wars: Texas, has a net worth of $1 million. He’s accumulated that net worth largely through his ownership of two small businesses, a consignment clothing shop, and a “revolving real estate sale.” Much of the inventory for these businesses is collected at storage auctions, his participation in which is the crux of his being featured on the show. Unlike many of the other people on Storage Wars: Texas, Victor is not a Texas native, having moved there with partner Joann from New York in order to escape the high rent and living expenses associated with the state. It hasn’t been an easy transition, though, as Victor’s fast paced sensibility tends to clash with the slow and easy going nature of many of the people he has to deal with in Texas. Still, he manages to make it work somehow particularly now that he has a sweet gig on a popular reality TV series to go along with it. One thing that attracts him to the storage auction business is his “leisurely lifestyle,” which he supports through his purchases of things like motorcycles, boats, and golf carts sold at auction.

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Net Worth:$1 Million