Thelma Madine Net Worth, Career, Biography, Facts, Age, Life Story

Thelma Madine is an English wedding dressmaker who has a net worth of $2 million dollars. Thelma Madine is the wedding dress designer and dressmaker for the popular series, “Big Fat Gypsy Weddings”. The series is a docu-drama that began airing on Channel 4 in the UK in 2010.

The show, originally intended as a one-off special, ended up airing for five episodes in the spring of 2010, and then began airing a second season in 2011. The program follows various Irish travelers and Romani Gypsies during their daily lives and travels around the UK and abroad. An American spin-off, entitled, “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding”, began airing on TLC in April of 2012, and the original series can also been on TLC, where it is called “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”. The show has been controversial from the start, with critics and cultural groups saying that it does not give an accurate portrayal of Irish Travellers or Romani Gypsies. Public reception has been enthusiastic, however, and there are no plans to change the program’s format or subject matter.

Net Worth:$2 Million