Soegiarto Adikoesoemo Net Worth, Career, Biography, Facts, Age, Life Story

Soegiarto Adikoesoemo is an Indonesian entrepreneur who has a net worth of $1.04 billion. Mr. Adikoesoemo set up AKR Corporindo some 36 years ago in Surabaya as a chemical trading business. Over the years, the business has evolved becoming a leading distributor of high speed diesel, industrial diesel oil and marine fuel oil to companies in the power generation, mining and bunker industries.

It went public in 1994, and now is run by Adikoesoemo’s son, Haryanto. However, a constant decline in coal’s price made AKR leave the coal business. Instead, the group started to invest in business parks. An art appreciator, Adikoesoemo gives away 2% of AKR’s profits to local artists, preferably painters.

Net Worth:$1.04 Billion