Shipping Wars Net Worth, Career, Biography, Facts, Age, Life Story

Debuting January 10, 2012, Shipping Wars aired 100 episodes over seven seasons before ending in April 2015. The series followed six independent leaders in the shipping industry; broken into 5 teams. The teams found their jobs through uShip, the world’s largest online shipping resource, which can bring in quite the pretty penny for tough shipping jobs.

uShip Net Worth Figures

Launched in 2004 by Founder Matthew Chasen

1.6 million registered shipping customers

10.3 million bids placed by shippers

$3 Billion value in goods shipped since 2004
$325 Million by shippers since 2004
$12-$15 Million in business available on the site at any given time

With figures like that, it’s no wonder the Matthew Chasen Net Worth exceeds $50 Million.

Let’s have a look at some stars of Shipping Wars Net Worth.

Marc “The Big Rig”

– $400 Thousand

Chris & Robbie “The Hot Shot Couple”

– $700 Thousand total net worth

Roy “The Handyman”

– $800 Thousand

Jarrett “The Rookie”

– $100 Thousand

Jennifer “The Cowgirl”

– $300 Thousand

With an entire reality series dedicated to the operation of uShip, that must mean the website is making a pretty penny. uShip Net Worth

– $200 Million

When we add the cast, creators, and uShip company supporting the reality show, we find a whopping combined net worth of $250 Million! That’s quite the financial backing for the serious. It feels good idea to find ourselves a truck and start hauling.

Other participants on the reality TV series Shipping Wars included Dusty “The Prodigy” Davies, Todd and Tamera Sturgis aka “The Double Threat”, Jessica “The Road Warrior” Samko, and Suzanne and Scott Bawcom aka “The Veterans”. Roy Garber passed away in 2014.

Net Worth:$250 Million