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Raising Sextuplets Salary Per Episode: How much do Jenny and Bryan Masche make per episode of Raising Sextuplets? $20,000

Famous parents Bryan and Jenny Masche have a net worth of $4 million. If that seems like a sizable net worth, remember first that they have the rather expensive task of taking care of a set of sextuplets. And anyone who knows anything about child rearing knows that while raising one child is an expensive investment, raising six of them simultaneously is taxing both on a parent’s finances and their emotions. Luckily for Bryan and Jenny, they have a reality show on WEtv called Raising Sextuplets which provides a healthy bit of supplementary income. Their first brush with fame was in a one hour TV special entitled OMG! Sextuplets that was later expanded into a full series that has run for two seasons. The couple met while Brian was stationed in Kuwait with the United States Air Force through email communication. Just a year later they were married, and some time later, after two unfortunate miscarriages, the couple decided to go with artificial insemination in order to have children. The result was three boys, three girls, and a reality TV show. In September of 2010, their story reached a sad chapter when Jenny filed for divorce shortly after Bryan was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Net Worth:$4 Million