Lynn Tilton Net Worth, Career, Biography, Facts, Age, Life Story

Lynn Tilton is an American trader, investor and industrialist who has a net worth of $500 million. A native of The Bronx, NY, Lynn Tilton is the CEO and sole principal of Patriarch Partners, LLC and its affiliated entities. Thanks to this private equity firm that she has founded and runs, Lynn Tilton’s accumulated piles of money, and won multiple awards as a woman entrepreneur.

It is a private managing $8 billion (USD) in assets. But that’s not all, as she also serves as Chairman and CEO of MD Helicopters, Inc., a leading maker of commercial and military helicopters, as well as the acting CEO of Dura Automotive Systems, a manufacturer and distributor of automotive components. Tilton’s successful career, which spans over 30 years, started in 1981 when she started working at Morgan Stanley. At the time, she was already well equipped with knowledge as she was holding a MBA degree in finance from Columbia University. By 1989, she also worked for Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Merrill Lynch as an investment banker. Prior to establishing Patriarch Partners, Tilton spent some time serving as an executive at Long Drive Management Trust, a special situations investment fund, and executive managing director of Papillon Partners, Inc., a company that she founded to offer customized research, valuation and execution services to sellers of bank loans and high yield bonds. 2011 saw this Wall Street lady being interviewed by Barbara Walters for a 20/20 special, after which she continues to make periodical appearances on CNBC, as well as occasional contributions to The Huffington Post.

Net Worth:$600 Million
Date of Birth:Apr 22, 1959 (62 years old)