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Jocelyn Wildenstein is a New York socialite who at one point was rumored to have a net worth of $500 million dollars. As of 2021, we can provide a more accurate estimate of about $10 million. This severe drop in Wildenstein’s net worth is due to serious financial issues over the years, including a well-publicized bankruptcy. According to some reports, when Jocelyn divorced from her husband Alec in 1999, she reportedly received a settlement that included a lump sum of as much as $2.5 billion plus $100 million per year in support payments. Today we here at Celebrity Net Worth have concluded that these stories were all blown way way way out of proportion. According to our sources, it’s likely that Jocelyn Wildenstein received significantly less than $50 million total and today struggles to afford her basic lifestyle.

Jocelyn’s unfortunate situation isn’t helped by her famously extravagant spending habits. Numerous sources have reported that Wildenstein has a history of spending well over $500,000 per year on frivolous expenses like wine and food. It is rumored that she spent over $60,000 per year on phone bills back in the 90s, which is utterly ridiculous when you consider the advent of free VoIP calling services in the modern era.

Early Life: Jocelynnys Dayannys da Silva Bezerra Périsset was born on September 7th of 1945 in Lausanne, Switzerland. At the age of 17, she began dating film producers and directors. She then moved to Paris, and during her stay, she became a skilled hunter and pilot.

Relationships: In 1978, Jocelyn married renowned art dealer Alec N. Wildenstein. They were first introduced by a Saudi arms dealer at an African ranch owned by the Wildenstein family. After the pair were married, they had two children together before divorcing in 1999.

Way back in 1998, Wildenstein famously revealed her spending habits during her marriage to Wildenstein. She stated that the pair regularly spent $1 million per year on all kinds of insane purchases. These included tigers in a bulletproof cage, a $350,000 Chanel dress, $10 million in jewelry, and extensive plastic surgery.

After splitting from Wildenstein, Jocelyn started dating a fashion designer called Lloyd Klein in 2003. The relationship was relatively short-lived, and the pair split up in 2016 amidst numerous scandals. This included an incident where Wildenstein allegedly cut Klein’s face with and chest with scissors. Another incident involved Jocelyn throwing hot wax over him.

Divorce: Jocelyn’s marriage eventually fell apart when she allegedly found her husband in bed with a 19-year-old Russian model. During this incident, Alec reportedly threatened his then-wife with a gun, which resulted in the art dealer being arrested and taken away in handcuffs. According to Alec, he pulled out the firearm because he thought Jocelyn’s two bodyguards were burglars. He claims that when he realized his mistake, he put the gun away. One of these bodyguards called the police, and Alec was forced to spend a night in jail as a result.

When Jocelyn eventually divorced Alec in 1999, she reportedly received a settlement that included a lump sum of as much as $2.5 billion, plus $100 million per year in support payments. When we assess Wildenstein’s current financial situation, we can safely conclude that these reports were blown way out of proportion. More accurate sources point to a divorce settlement that was probably closer to about $50 million. A noteworthy addition to this story is the fact that Wildenstein was forbidden from using any of her alimony money for plastic surgery. During the trial, the presiding judge allegedly received death threats.

Cosmetic Surgery: Due to her affinity for plastic surgery, Wildenstein has earned the nickname “Catwoman.” Some say that she has gone too far with these surgeries, and many have even claimed that she has “mutilated” herself. It is reported that Jocelyn has spent at least $4 million throughout her entire life on plastic surgeries. Previously, she had worked as a model and her appearance was quite breathtaking.

Jocelyn’s addiction to plastic surgery began during her marriage to Alec Wildenstein, who paid for these procedures “without blinking.” Tragically, Wildenstein has revealed that her decision to go under the knife was primarily influenced by fears that her husband was going to leave her. It appears as though Jocelyn’s desire to transform her face was not born out of vanity, but rather feelings of inadequacy.

Despite the fact that Alec was paying for these surgical procedures throughout their marriage, he claimed that he was actively trying to convince her to stop what she was doing to her face. He once stated: “She was thinking that she could fix her face like a piece of furniture. Skin does not work that way. But she wouldn’t listen.”

Financial Issues: In 2018, Jocelyn Wildenstein filed for bankruptcy listing $16 million in assets and $6 million worth of debt. She claimed that her only income is a $900 social security payment and therefore she has fallen way behind on her $4.5 million mortgage.

Real Estate: In 2017, it was reported that Wildenstein had re-listed her oversized apartment in New York City for $11 million. She had previously listed the residence for $13 million just 8 months prior. The apartment features five bedrooms, 5,200 square feet of living space, incredible views of Manhattan’s East River, private elevators, and a library. Located on the 51st floor of the Trump World Tower, the home is actually a combination of three separate apartments that were combined into one.

By 2018, it was revealed that Jocelyn was declaring bankruptcy, and that this apartment was in foreclosure. She reportedly couldn’t pay the $4.6 million still owed in mortgage payments, and the home needed to be liquidated in order to cover her debts. In 2020, it was reported that Weinstein had lost her Trump World Tower apartment, and that the residence was listed for sale for $7.6 million.

Net Worth:$10 Million
Date of Birth:Aug 5, 1940 (81 years old)
Nationality:United States of America