Happy Goodman Family Net Worth, Career, Biography, Facts, Age, Life Story

The Happy Goodman Family was a Southern Gospel band who had a net worth of $2 million. The group was founded by Howard “Happy” Goodman in the 1940s along with Vestal (Howard’s wife), Sam, and Rusty. Around 1950, the Goodmans began to be recognized by their good singing.

But it was in the early 1960’s that their popularity grew considerably. Their appearances at the National Quartet Convention got them promoters who booked them all across the country. They joined The Gospel Singing Jubilee, a Southern Gospel program that gathered three other gospel bands out of which the Happy Goodman Family became one of the most popular. Soon, they became America’s favorite singing family due to their weekly TV show “Down Home with the Happy Goodman Family”. Along the way, the Goodmans received two Grammy awards, one in 1967 and one in 1977 for their albums “The Happy Gospel of the Happy Goodmans” and “Refreshing”, respectively. The Happy Goodman Family introduced several songs and hymns that are considered gospel classics. During the 1960’s and 1970’s the family also introduced a live band and a unique and original sound to Gospel. Due to style differences, the group separated in 1980 but planned for a reunion record when Rust was diagnosed with cancer in 1990. Rusty died in November of that year and the album features his last song written, “Standing in the Presence of the King”, making it one of their best albums. Their last project was released in 2001 and was called “The Last Stand”.

Net Worth:$2 Million