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Gary Larson is an American cartoonist who has a net worth of $70 million dollars. Born in Tacoma, Washington, Gary Larson graduated from Washington State University, where he majored in Communications. While working at a music store, he took some time off and drew some cartoons. He submitted them to a magazine based in Seattle. This led to another magazine submission, and then a weekly cartoon called, “Nature’s Way”, for The Seattle Times. He was subsequently picked up by the San Francisco Chronicle, and “The Far Side” was born. Mr. Larson would continue to churn out “Far Side” cartoons for the next fifteen years. His work would also be featured in multiple anthologies, on gift cards and t-shirts, and even spawned two animated specials. He retired in 1995, and has largely discontinued many of the merchandise related to the “Far Side” franchise. He has occasionally drawn charity cartoons for various groups, and he published the short illustrated New York Times bestseller, “There’s a Hair in My Dirt!: A Worm’s Story”, in 1998.


Net Worth:$70 Million
Date of Birth:Aug 14, 1950 (71 years old)
Nationality:United States of America