Farid Bang Net Worth, Career, Biography, Facts, Age, Life Story

Farid Bang is a German rapper who has a net worth of $14 million. Farid Bang was born in Melilla, Spain in June 1986. He owns the record label Banger Musik. Farid Bang released his debut studio album Asphalt Massaka in 2008 and the album Asphalt Massaka 2 in 2010. He released the album Banger leben kurzer in 2011 which reached #11 in Germany.

Farid Bang released the album Der letzte Tag deines Lebens in 2012 which reached #3 in Germany and #7 in Switzerland. His album Killa was released in 2014 and reached #1 in Germany and Austria and #3 in Switzerland. His album Asphalt Massaka 3 was released in 2015 and reached #1 in Germany and Switzerland and #3 in Austria. His album Blut was released in 2016 and reached #1 in Switzerland and Austria and #2 in Germany. Three of his four collaboration albums with Kollegah have reached #1 in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Net Worth:$14 Million
Date of Birth:Jun 4, 1986 (35 years old)