David & Simon Reuben Net Worth, Career, Biography, Facts, Age, Life Story

David & Simon Reuben are British businessmen and philanthropists who have a net worth of $18 billion. Raised in the UK, the brothers had separate careers early in life. Simon was involved in importing carpets and David was a metal trader. However, they soon discovered the property market which literally took over their lives later.

David and Simon first joined together in their Trans World group, which turned into the third largest metal producer in the world after they bought up more than half of Russia’s aluminium industry. Early in 2000 the Russian business climate was bad for many western investors and at this point they moved their interests to the UK property market. The two plan to turn the Mayfair estate of famed In and Out Club into a 48 bedroom residence and 35,000 bottle winecellar, valued as the most expensive private residence in the UK. In addition to real estate investments, the siblings are working on the expansion of their data center business, GlobalSwitch, throughout Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore. Furthermore, they has acquired control of 48% of all horse-racing in the UK following the acquisition of Arena Leisure last March. As great philanthropists, they founded their Reuben Foundation which funds health care and educational causes, including university scholarships for inner-city children. David splits his time between Monaco and Florida, while Simon resides in Monaco.

Net Worth:$18 Billion
Nationality:United Kingdom