David Hatcher Childress Net Worth, Career, Biography, Facts, Age, Life Story

David Hatcher Childress is an American author and publisher who has a net worth of $5 million. David Hatcher Childress was born in June 1957. He is the owner of Adventures Unlimited Press which was established in 1984. Childress and his publishing house focus on interesting topics such as ancient mysteries, alternative history, lost cities, historical revisionism, UFOs and ancient astronauts, and much more.

David Hatcher Childress has authored or co-authored several books including A Hitchhikers Guide to Africa and Arabia, Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of Africa and Arabia, Lost Cities of China, Central Asia and India, Extraterrestrial Archaeology, Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis, Man-Made UFOs 1944-1994, The Time Travel Handbook, Lost Continents and the Hollow Earth, A Hitchhikers Guide to Armageddon, Yetis, Sasquatch, and Hairy Giants, The Enigma of Cranial Deformation: Elongated Skulls of the Ancients, Vimana: Flying Machines of the Ancients, and more.

Net Worth:$5 Million
Date of Birth:1957
Nationality:United States of America