Dan Le Batard Net Worth, Career, Biography, Facts, Age, Life Story

Dan Le Batard is an American sportswriter, radio host, and television personality who has a net worth of $25 million. Dan is probably best-known for formerly an ESPN talk show. He parted ways from ESPN in December 2020. He wrote for the Miami Herald for more than 25 years.

Early Life: Dan Le Batard was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in December 1968. His parents were Cuban exiles. The family eventually settled in Miramar, Florida.

Dan got a job as a columnist for the Miami Herald in 1990. He stayed with the paper through 2016.

Radio Career: In 2004 he launched “The Dan Le Batard with Stugotz” radio show. The program aired on local radio for nine years before being picked up by ESPN Radio in 2013. In 2015 the show began being televised on the Fusion network. After Colin Cowherd left ESPN, Dan’s show moved from 10am from 1pm and the TV simulcast was picked up by ESPNU.

Le Batard was a frequent replacement host on the ESPN television series Pardon the Interruption and hosted the ESPN TV series Highly Questionable. Le Batard has been involved in controversies. In 2014 he gave his baseball Hall of Fame vote away to the sports news website Deadspin. The same year he took out a billboard in Akron, Ohio reading “You’re Welcome, Lebron. Love, Miami”.

In July 2020, amid sweeping cost and other restructuring measures, the show was reduced from three hours per day to two starting in mid-August. In November 2020 ESPN and Dan announced they had ended their relationship on relatively amicable terms.

Meadowlark Media: Dan and former ESPN President John Skipper are the co-founders of a company called Meadowlark Media. The company raised $12.6 million in 2021 to produce content aside from Dan’s podcast.

DraftKings Podcast: In April 2021, DraftKings announced that it had agreed to pay Dan/Meadowlark $50 million over three years to distribute a revived version of his show as a podcast. At the time the deal was announced his podcast attracted 10-12 million monthly downloads.

Net Worth:$25 Million
Salary:$5 Million
Date of Birth:Dec 16, 1968 (53 years old)
Nationality:United States of America