Chelsea Houska Net Worth, Career, Biography, Facts, Age, Life Story

Chelsea Houska is an American reality television personality and hairdresser who has a net worth of $60 thousand dollars. Chelsea Houska was born on August 29, 1992 in Vermillion, South Dakota. She is probably best known for being featured in the second season of MTV’s “16 and Pregnant”. She gave birth to her daughter on her first day of senior year; her daughter was over one month premature.

Her boyfriend at the time showed little interest in the baby, and became abusive over the course of the next few months. She ultimately chose to distance herself and the baby from him, and changed the child’s last name to her own. She was chronicled again in “Teen Mom 2”, another MTV reality series. During “Teen Mom 2”, she was struggling with finding work and handling care of her child, while also juggling her on-again, off-again relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She was also attempting to complete school, but was having difficulty due to responsibilities to her child, though her family and friends were stepping in to help her whenever possible. Chelsea’s dream was to become a hairstylist, and after dropping out of high school to give birth to her daughter, she was able to graduate cosmetology school in 2013.

Net Worth:$60 Thousand