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Baba Kalyani is an Indian businessman with an estimated Net worth in the range of $1.6 billion. Mr. Kalyani is the chairman and managing director of Bharat Forge, the main business that is part of Kalyani Group. $2.5 billion (revenues) Kalyani Group as and the second-largest manufacturer of forgings, following ThyssenKrupp from Germany. Born on January 7, 1949 in Pune, Maharashtra, India to a manufacturer of automobile components. He graduated with a BE (with distinction) with honors in Mechanical Engineering. Then, he enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where the earned an MS degree. After the completion of his studies, Baba Kalyani started his career at Bharat Forge in the year 1972. While it was a global business in the early days, Kalyani was the one to be the first to export automotive components from India to China at the time of 2002. Since then, he has always contributed to the growth of the business. So, he plans to transform a 4,500-acre economic zone in the vicinity of Pune to an industrial zone. Baba Kalyani’s wealth has increased mostly due to the latest information about landholdings. Apart from his business ventures as chairman, he also serves as the founder of the Parham Pune Education Foundation, an organization for a charity that offers the primary education of children who are not privileged.

Net Worth:$1.6 Billion
Date of Birth:7 Jan 1948 (73 year old)

Is Baba Kalyani a Maharashtrian?

Babasaheb Kalyani was born in a Marathi family on 7 January 1949 to Mrs. Sulochana and Mr. Neelakanth Kalyani, a Pune-based technocrat and maker of automotive components.

Who owns Kalyani group?

Baba Kalyani

Who is owner of Bharat Forge?

Mr B N Kalyani, Chairman & Managing Director, Bharat Forge has been conferred with the Business Standard CEO of the Year 2004.

What does Bharat Forge manufacturer?

Bharat Forge manufactures an extensive array of critical and safety components for several sectors including Automobiles (across Commercial & Passenger Vehicle), Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Locomotives, Marine, Energy (across renewable and non-renewable sources), Construction, Mining and General Engineering.

What is forging in metal work?

Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of a metal through hammering, pressing, or rolling. These compressive forces are delivered with a hammer or die. Forging is often categorized according to the temperature at which it is performed—cold, warm, or hot forging. A wide range of metals can be forged.

Who was Kalyani princess?

Kalyani Gajapati or Kalyani Devi is the current head of the Parlakhemundi Ganga dynasty. She became the first woman to head the Ganga dynasty of Paralakhemundi.