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Alexander Dzaparidze is a Russian businessman with an estimated Net value in the range of $1.8 billion. He was born Alexander Julyevich Dzaparidze in 1955 in Makhachkala, Russia, he earned his fortune by being one of the founding members of Eurasia Drilling Company (EDC) which is an oil-related company. He graduated from the Gubkin Russian State University, Dzhaparidze established the oil services firm PetroAlliance in 1995. Then, 12 years after, he sold it to the oil billionaire Schlumberger. Together with two of his co-founders they established EDC in 2007. Since 2007, Dzhaparidze served as the Chief Executive Officer. He was the company’s largest shareholder and the CEO from 2011 when he decided to sell the stake of 22 percent in order to acquire a portion of Hadar Fund, an investment company. The reason he did this was because the company was seeking to diversify however there is no evidence of the effectiveness of the company. With an PhD in science, Dzhaparidze is a member of the Eurasia Geophysical Society, and was awarded the RF Government prize for exceptional accomplishments in science and technology in 2006.

Net Worth:$1.8 Billion
Date of Birth:Jul 20, 1955
Place of Birth:Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic , Soviet Union

Who Is Alexander Dzhaparidze

Alexander Dzhaparidze is a Georgian businessman in Russia. Dzhaparidze is former owner of the PetroAlliance Services Company Limitedd, Russia’s largest independent oilfield services company. He is currently a shareholder and Chairman of Eurasia Drilling Company Limited